Despite the very obvious handicap of getting killed in the first movie, Martin Sheen revealed that he will reprise his role as Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 during an appearance the actor made on The Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy (via Bleeding Cool). Comic books have a frustrating history of treating death like a temporary inconvenience rather than an everlasting condition, so it should come as no surprise than ol’ Ben will be coming back for seconds.

That being said, you shouldn’t expect the real flesh-and-blood Ben to make his return in the movie. It’s more likely that Sheen will only appear in a flashback or some sort of hallucination that Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) suffers during the movie, much like we saw with Liam Neeson’s cameo during The Dark Knight Rises.

We’ll see how director Marc Webb manages to pull this off when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 debuts in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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[Bleeding Cool via The Late Late Show]