Earlier today, we showed you the first official trailer for Scary Movie 5, which featured the highly anticipated cameos from Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan that are supposed to open the film. While it was good to see Lindsay in a role not on the Lifetime network, it seems that Lindsay doesn't share the same sentiments; According to TMZ, Lohan is "furious" with Scary Movie 5 producers over the trailer, claiming that they took the opportunity to poke fun at her one last time "out of spite."

Apparently, Lohan is pissed off about the scene in the trailer that involves her screaming when she looks at a television set and sees a news bulletin about her probation being revoked. According to sources, she believed that the television was supposed to be showing a clip from her 2005 flop of a film Herbie: Fully Loaded (which is an understandable thing to be terrified of). Since her contract is said to have included a clause stating that she would get final approval on any jokes made in the film at her expense, she believes this trailer is a direct breach of that. She's reportedly planning on speaking with her team this week.

Yet again: It's LiLo against the world, you guys.

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[via TMZ]