After its successful premiere on Christmas day, Les Misérables is continuing its trend of doing very well in in the box office now that the holidays have passed. According to Deadline, the film has grossed about $28.3 million internationally which, combined with its 2-day domestic earnings of $30.3 million, brings its worldwide total to $58.6 million so far. The film has yet to be released in many overseas territories as well - a big one being the UK, where the release date is set for January 11th - so expect this number to go up significantly in the next month.

The film has broken a few records too - in addition to holding best non-weekend Christmas day opening in history, best opening day for a musical film, and second-best Christmas day opening for a film (behind 2009's Sherlock Holmes), Les Mis has also set the record for best opening of a musical ever in Australia, the biggest opening day for a Russell Crowe film, and the biggest opening day for a film distributed by its production company, Working Title.

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