If you're not familiar, Kat Stacks was the video vixen who gained notoriety for exposing nearly every detail of her sex life in the hip-hop world—and in the mean time, pissed off a lot of rappers. Two years ago, Stacks was detained on an immigration hold in Kentucky and word spread that she was very close to being deported back to Venezuela.

Her past haunted her and of course, didn't make her the best candidate for citizenship. However, it was announced on Friday via her Twitter that her deportation order was halted and she is expected to be released soon.

Also, she's no longer Kat Stacks—she is now going by Andrea Herrara. Anyway, she used Twitter to give thanks President Obama, her senator, and her law firm for working to get her out. 

Watch out, she's back!

[via The YBF]