Last season, there was an understanding between the audience and young Chris Brody (Jackson Pace). An important scene between Jessica, Dana, and/or Brody would go down in the household, Chris would startle us with a random, pointless interjection to remind us he was also in the room, and all was well.

This year, though, he’s gone beyond pointless, unless the writers are teeing us up for the Chris-is-mentally-challenged arc in season three. His family will be reacting to some actually pertinent shit, only for the camera to cut to him for either a goofy remark (“Wow, this safe house has three TVs!”) or just stare blankly because he has nothing better to offer (see above photo).

We’ve gotten tired of him and his good pal Mike (Diego Klattenhoff), who seems to never go to work or keep a social life just so he can be ready to swoop in whenever Jessica needs him to make Brody look like an absentee dirtbag.

Hey, Chris and Mike: Next season, don’t bother coming home from karate practice.