Last year we called Dana Brody (Morgan Saylor) out for being one of the most annoying kids on TV. But we also admitted that the show salvaged her character late in the season by putting extra focus, through both character and plot, on her relationship with her father and her role as his anchor to the man he was before his capture.

As this season began, the writers continued on that track with great moments like Dana showing a mature sense of support and understanding regarding Brody’s secret religion that Jessica (Morena Baccarin) could not. They even gave her a not-so-distracting romantic subplot, with VP Walden’s (Jamey Sheridan) son, Finn (Timothee Chalamet), no less. All was well. And then they got into a hit-and-run.

Look, we’re all for testing, even breaking the Brody-Dana bond. That’s good drama. Just not with a subplot device this stupid. Dana’s desire to do the right thing was noble and all, but not when it led to frustratingly dumb moves like going to the hospital... just in time to watch the person die. The Waldens’ swift cover-up was a nice world-of-politics lesson learned, but all the aftermath of the hit-and-run really did was regress Dana back to her Atypical Annoying Teen ways, whether she’s literally crying over spilled milk or reacting to about Brody's secretive ways with wildly cruel outbursts.

Really, your dad stopped you from going to the police, possibly landing in the pen for manslaughter, and you yell that you wished he never came home? Hours later Brody’s family witnesses him break down upon hearing that, as far as they know, the terrorist that held him captive for eight years had been killed…. And they all just stand there and stare at him from an awkward distance like he’s got the chicken pox. It’s no wonder dude didn’t want to step one foot inside the crib when they were finally released from the safe-house.