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Does it get any better than hearing WWF legend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper call an old woman "formaldehyde face"? Sure it does, and that "better" is the entirety of John Carpenter's 1988 satirical sci-fi gem They Live, which the good folks at Scream Factory recently re-packaged a load of cool bonus features.

With the movie itself, you get Mr. Piper playing a blue-collar brute who finds a box full of special sunglasses that allow him to spot aliens and their subliminal messages hidden on earth and concealed by human skin and everyday advertisements. Ripe with hilarious one-liners, wonderfully cheesy makeup effects, and a sharp underlying intelligence, They Live is one of the most underrated genre flicks of the 1980s.

As for Scream Factory's excellent set here, there's fresh audio commentary and on-camera interview anecdotes from Carpenter himself, a gruff, no-bullshit veteran who matter-of-factly retorts "Fuck no" when asked if he'd shorten the film's nearly 10-minute-long brawl between Piper and Keith David. Respect the man's gangster.