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Even the film's many haters can't deny one thing about Ridley Scott's incredibly divisive Prometheus: It's certainly not the kind of movie anyone can quickly dismiss once it's over. Rooted in clunky religious mythologies and overt references to its spiritual cinematic predecessor, Alien, the year's most ambitious science fiction flick provokes thoughts (both positive and befuddled) while also bombarding eyes with intense gore (self-administered C-sections, anyone?), gorgeous special effects, and Charlize Theron's physical hotness.

And by owning a copy of Prometheus, fanboys of all opinions can debate the film's merits for years to come. This 4-disc collector's edition allows said fanboys to pick and choose between formats, whether they're itching to wear cheap glasses and watch the 3D Blu-ray version or the traditional 2D Blu-ray and DVD transfers. There's even a Blu-ray bonus disc crammed with a behind-the-scenes featurette, storyboards, and pre-production artwork.