Click Here to Buy it Now at T-Mobile, $200 (w/two-year contract)

Click Here to But It Now at Google Play, $300 - $350 (Unlocked) 

Powered by a quad-core CPU and Android 4.2, Google’s new flagship phone offers the most responsive and refined Android mobile experience. Whether its media playback, UI navigation, or app launches, the Nexus 4 guarantees prompt execution. Videos and games look stellar on the 4.7-inch True HD IPS+, the latter running with high frame rates and resolution. Another great attribute is the phone’s new camera UI, which hosts a number new photo-editing features and shooting modes. Reservations can be made over the phone's glass-coated structure, but that doesn’t take away from its gorgeous design and phenomenal performance. If you can live with LTE, this is a great, great deal.