Ricky Gervais' new series, Derek, won't premiere on Netflix (or on British television network Channel 4) until some time next year, but for now, this just-released first look trailer gives us a good idea of what to expect from the show. In it, Gervais portrays Derek, a nursing home employee who is described as "slow-but-sweet." Karl Pilkington, who starred in Gervais' reality series An Idiot Abroad, appears in the show as well as another employee of the nursing home.

The pilot of Derek has already aired in the UK - the episode was broadcast as a special on Channel 4 last April. Following its success, Gervais announced that he would be writing six more episodes for the show, which should air sometime in early 2013. Additionally, just last September, Netflix announced they would pick up the show to host for American viewers. 

Though well-received by critics, the first episode did ruffle some feathers with the character of Derek - Gervais was accused by some advocates for the disabled of "mocking" those with disabilities, as Derek could at times seem mentally challenged. Gervais responded to the criticisms in an interview before the show's premiere, saying, "Derek is a fictional character and is defined by his creator. Me. ... If I say I don't mean him to be disabled then that’s it. A fictional doctor can't come along and prove me wrong. He's different. But then so are a lot of people. He's not the smartest tool in the box but he's cleverer than Father Dougal, and not as different as Mr. Bean. He's based on those people you meet who are on the margins of society. Nerds, loners, under achievers."

You can check out the trailer for Derek above.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]