After what seemed like an enternity, Google has finally released its native Maps app for iOS devices. 

Before iOS 6, the Google Maps app was built-in to the Apple mobile OS.  Apple replaced the Maps app with its own mapping service and received a ton of criticism from users and the press which lead to pleas to bring back Google Maps. Things got so bad, Apple CEO Tim Cook had to apologize to customers and admit that Apple "screwed up" by rushing out its map app.

The new Google Maps app, which was announced last night on Google's blog, boasts a host of new features not seen on the previous version:

"At the heart of this app is our constantly improving map of the world that includes detailed information for more than 80 million businesses and points of interest. Preview where you want to go with Street View and see inside places with Business Photos to decide on a table or see if it’s better at the bar. To get you there, you’ve got voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation, live traffic conditions to avoid the jams and if you want to use public transportation, find information for more than one million public transit stops."

Download Google Maps for iOS from the Apple App Store here.

[via Google]