At some point during 2013, D.C. residents will be able to buy liquor on Sundays at businesses other than bars. On Tuesday, the D.C. council gave an initial thumbs up to a "massive rewrite" of D.C.'s liquor laws, which would allow Class A retailers like your local liquor stores to be open on the Lord's day. This makes D.C. one of the last local jurisdictions to allow Sunday liquor sales after Montgomery County agreed to do so in 2010, and Virginia gave it the green light this past summer.

Strangely enough, some opposition to the new bill came from liquor store owners themselves. Many retailers enjoyed their government mandated day off, and were concerned that they would have to stay open on Sundays to remain competitive, as they have the option to remain closed should they choose to. 

The reform bill also grants the creation of a license for wine pubs, allows the sale of 64-ounce "growlers" of beer at grocery stores and brew pubs and hands out stronger penalties for violations. Regardless, Sundays are about to get much better in D.C. next year.

[via DCist]