In recent weeks, every director short of the reanimated corpse of Orson Welles has been linked to the new Star Wars trilogy. And now, according to Deadline, David Fincher is rumored to perhaps be “game” to direct one of these movies for Disney. Fincher has a history with George Lucas and his special effects company, ILM, where he actually worked on Lucas’ Return of the Jedi as an assistant cameraman at the beginning of his career.

The site is also reporting that Jon Favreau is “panting after this job,” which conjures up one of the funniest visuals we can think of. Favreau is a longtime Star Wars fan and an admirer of Lucas. This would be the perfect vehicle for him to get his career back on track after the disappointing Cowboys and Aliens.

Either director has potential, in our opinion. Favreau has mixed humor, heart, and action in movies like Iron Man, Elf, and Zathura in the past. Meanwhile, Fincher is Fincher; there isn’t much more we can say about him. However, after his recent hot streak, it might be a little disappointing to see him working under the thumb of Disney, as opposed to bringing us fresh, innovative films like he has in the past.

We’ll keep you updated as these rumors will surely continue.

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