A hospital in Toronto recently remixed the Guinness World Record-setting video "Gangnam Style" by Korean pop star Psy. Medical students at Sunnybrook Hospital remade the YouTube hit with lyrics involving childbirth. However, a nationwide group took offense to the video, which ultimately lead to the removal.

Prior to its deletion, the disputed parody received 90,000 views. Even though the video was meant to be taken as a joke, Kalina Christoff, founder of Humanize Birth, a nationwide group that advocates for women's rights in childbirth, found it offensive. Her complaints lead Sunnybrook Hospital to remove the video from its YouTube channel.

But Christoff and Humanize Birth are still not satisfied. The group recently launched a Facebook page titled "We Demand an Apology for Hospital Parody Video by U of T OBGYN Residents." 

Check out OB/GYNE remix of "Gangnam Style" here. Do you find the video offensive or has the parody been blown out of proportion?

[via Mashable]