A Connecticut woman got the scare of a lifetime when she found a black widow spider crawling around in a bag of grapes that she had just purchased from Whole Foods. Nora Weiss bought the grapes from the  Fairfield Whole Foods on Monday, and took to Facebook after discovering the poisonous creature in her newly purchased snack. "AHHHHH!!! TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT :/," she eloquently explained.

Regional spokesman Michael Sinatra said that organic produce is carefully inspected prior to being sent to the store, but small insects can be missed. "While we do comb through all the products, this was a small bug. Certain insects are indigenous to certain plants," he said. "We encourage folks to take a look through the produce when they get home and wash it."

Weiss received a full refund. No word on what happened to the spider.

[via Gothamist]