Their hearts are definitely in the right place. Chicago strip club Admiral Theatre, which prides itself on being the city's lone gentlemen's club to showcase fully nude dancers, will once again hold its "Lap Dancing for the Needy" toy drive on December 22. For the third consecutive year, the club will offer free lap dances to any guests who donate unused, unwrapped children's toys.

In the past, a one dance limit had been instituted, regardless of how many toys were donated. Toys and the distribution of "pleasure bills" are left to the discretion of of management. Admiral Theatre is famous for its off-the-wall promotions, which have included a Sarah Palin lookalike contest and a "Bride of the Stripping Dead" show in the past.

Admiral Theatre is adding burlesque to its lineup during the week to attract a wider range of clients. You can't put a price on kindness. Hell, in this case, you can't even put clothes on it.

[via The Huffington Post]