A woman from the Bronx has been arrested for posing as the aunt of a Sandy Hook shooting victim to scam money out of generous sympathizers. 37-year-old Nouel Alba used Facebook (the page was called Victorian Glam Fairysto keep the act going, as well as texts and phone calls. Alba reportedly posted her bank account and PayPal information to request help in paying for 6-year-old Noah Pozner's funeral. 

However, when reporter Jeff Rossen visited her home, she denied sending messages on Facebook asking for money to help her brother pay for funeral services:

[Rossen asked,] "Then why is your account number on it, your bank routing number, your email, and your PayPal information?"

"Because I sell things online," Nouel told us.

"Because you sell things online? But then why were you posing to be a member of the Pozner family? They say they've never met you before."

"I never did that."

Alba claimed that the information was posted by someone else, though she received money which she refunded. However, the FBI says that she exchanged texts with a victim who asked how she was doing, saying "Ima mess. Not looking forward to see that casket cause that is what will kill us all today. 11 gun shot in his little body or take those bullets. The guilt we have just keeps building up."

Alba also claimed that she hadn't accessed her PayPal account in "ages," though the FBI was able to prove that she used it right before soliciting donations thanks to IP addresses. She was arrested and charged with lying to federal agents, and released on $50,000 bond. What she's done is simply disgusting.

[via Gothamist]