Watching through Booker's eyes as he wakes up on a sandy beach to the sound of splashing tides and the sight of Elizabeth's relieved face is a strange experience. For a split second, you'll think the duo landed free of Columbia and are back on Earth; but off in the distance, the ruined statue/tower pours smoke, and the water's edge is unnaturally close by. It's a convincing, but unnatural, beach.

This is where you'll really start to like Elizabeth. She wanders off to find the source of some faintly heard music, and by the time you've caught up with her she's having literally the time of her life dancing.

The two make their way through a vaguely threatening boardwalk, discovering more of the racist undercurrents pulsating throughout Columbia. Facilities are segregated, and black and Irish people alike are treated with contempt and disdain. It's disgusting, and you'll become eager to put an end to this fucked up floating city.

Booker and Liz devise a plan to steal the First Lady's airship and fly away from Columbia (to Paris, or so Booker promises), but before they can buy a ticket they're ambushed by armed thugs.