Booker fights off the mob, and though Elizabeth is shaken, she eventually accepts that they're not just going to be able to waltz out of Columbia. That was convenient for us, as players, since in the very next area we shot everyone we could find—civilians, allies, enemies, it didn't matter to us—and she barely batted an eye. We had begun to hate the residents of Columbia.

You'll wind up in an amusement park of sorts after this, and you'll be forced by a deranged war hero—and apparently a former colleague of Booker's—to fight wave after wave of enemies in a grisly exhibit that tells altered history versions of important battles. It seems Comstock has rewritten American history from the founding fathers all the way to the present, and not everyone on Columbia is happy about it.

After this is where Liz's "tears" start to come in handy. In one large-ish area, you get to choose whether you want her to summon a large turret and structure to fight from, or hooks that Booker can traverse to launch an attack from above and behind his opponents. Throughout the game so far, the battles have become more and more open and diverse, and we can't wait to see how far they take these concepts.

In the next room, we were assaulted by a crazed mechanical George Washington, and sadly, that was where the demo ended.

So what do you think of the first few hours of BioShock Infinite? Are you dying to get your hands on it now?

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