Sometimes, the only way to make it in the rap game is to bully your way into the industry. Two aspiring artists went above and beyond shoving mixtapes in your face or spamming your mentions on Twitter—they've been accused of kidnapping and extorting a producer after he backed out of a deal with them.

33-year-old Ryan Mixon and 28-year-old Andres Lozano met with 27-year-old John Fontein at Greenwich Village's Pera Soho on Thursday night to secure $50,000 for a record. Fontein backed out at the last minute, but Mixon and Lozano weren't having that. They held him at gunpoint and forced him into the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue where they ordered him to purchase $3,800 worth of merchandise and the warranties. Conscientious criminals, you have to love that.

Before releasing Fontein, the son of Goldman Sachs broker Andrew Fontein, they ordered him to bring them $50,000 in cash or they'd kill his girlfriend and family.

Fontein did the smart thing—he went straight to the police. They organized a drop for the unsuspecting duo, and arrested them when they arrived. Mixon and Lozano were charged with kidnapping, robbery and extortion. If they dropped a single right now, it would be all over the blogs. For a second.

[via Gothamist]