Here's one relationship that won't make it into the new year. Christine A. Meyers got into an argument with her boyfriend on the way back to their Tinley Park, IL, home after picking him up from a bar. When they arrived at home, prosecutors say the man got out of the vehicle and laid down in front of it. That's when they say Meyers purposely ran him over, resulting in "severe burns" to his chest and back. Skin was also torn from his testicles.

Tom Ost, Meyers' attorney, requested that his client's bail be set at $6,000, meaning she would only have to post $600 to be released. Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. scoffed at that, saying, “You’re asking me to set a bond of $600 for driving over somebody?"

Meyers' was charged with felony aggravated domestic battery and is reportedly being held on $100,000 bail.

[via The Huffington Post]