Things got a little ugly outside of the Apple Store in New Hampshire after a customer was attacked with a taser by police after refusing to exit the store.

Xiaojie Li, of Newton, New Hampshire wanted to treat family members back in China to iPhones, but the store only allowed two devices per customer. Days after buying two iPhones from the Apple Store in Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, New Hampshire, Li returned to purchase additional devices. However, her purchase was denied and Li was asked to exit the store.

Li's daughter told WCVB-TV that her mother is not fluent in English and therefore could not understand the store's requests for her to leave. Officers from the Nashua Police Department claim Li resisted arrest which lead to her being attacked with a taser in front of the store.

Li's account of the situation is totally different. Her daughter translated her story of the arrest for WCVB-TV:

"So then the police took my mom's phone and tried to take my mom's bag. And my mom tried to ask them why, and they just threw her to the ground."

According to John Hugo, Li's husband, she was "brutalized by the police."

Apple has not commented on the situation. Nashau Police captain, Bruce Hansen, defended his officer's actions, saying that Li wiggled too much when she was being arrested. The 44-year-old woman must of been very strong to cause two officers to resort to using a taser when trying to handcuff her. 

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