Despite the best efforts of billionaire businessmen like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, space tourism has yet to take off in a major way. But if a team of former NASA executives get its way, you may be able to visit the moon for a hefty sum. 

The Golden Spike Company is looking to send people to the moon either for research or personal reasons. How much would such a trip cost? A cool $1.5 billion for two people. The Golden Spike crew realizes how prohibitive that price is so it's reaching out to countries to see if any would like to pay for the first tourists to travel to the moon. 

Unlike Branson's Virgin Galactic and Musk's SpaceX, the Golden Spike Company will buy existing rockets instead of building its own. It only plans on developing new spacesuits and a lunar lander. 

The price may seem crazy, but Virgin Galactic is charging $200,000 a seat for on what is essentially a quick spin around the edges of our planet's atmosphere. Golden Spike will allow people to set foot on the moon. We're not sure what people will be able to do once their on the moon, but for $1.5 billion it should be worthwhile. 

[via The Northwestern]