Are you a Mega Man fan that has been, how shall we put this delicately, horribly annoyed that you have to scrape every Mega Man title in recent memory off the bottom of your shoe like so much forgettable dog poo?

Well, lucky for us, a team of industry vets are putting together a Mega Man game worthy of the franchise. Developed completely independent of Capcom, Mega Man 25th Anniversary will be releasing a demo on December 17. Players will be able to swap between Mega Man and Proto Man to battle a whole new roster of robots. You can see that someone thought the idea of Tarot Man was funny enough to include. Other Robot Masters include Sledge Man, Totem Man, Kendo Man, Comet Man, Neon Man, and Amp Man.

Awesome. The music for the game, which has been sampled more times than anyone can count, will also be playing a major role in the new game. Check out the player below to get an idea of what Mega Man 25th Anniversary is going to sound like. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think on Twitter.


[via Destructoid]