Director: Ray Enright
Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Frank McHugh, Louise Fazenda, Mat Pendleton
Lame Love Song: "Yoo-Hoo," Al Jolson
Love Conquers: Professional wrestling

All you struggling actors out there, take note. Everybody starts somewhere. In 1938, less than five years before Bogart would star in the most romantic film of all time, he played a wrestling promoter in the Ozarks in this travesty.

You see, two professional wrestlers fall in love and won't fight. But, when the lady wrestler and female blacksmith's boyfriend shows up, things get really heated. Who better than Bogey to sort out this zany situation?

We are usually against remaking classic films, but if you could get Ashton Kutcher, the Rock, and Lucy Lawless for the remake, it might just sweep the Oscars.