When you were young, you could get yourself so worked up that the tone of your entire Christmas, and maybe even your happiness for the rest of the year, depended on whether or not you got that one special gift.

Did you arrive at this hypothesis about your happiness by careful planning and deduction? No, you wanted it because you were told to want it. And, man, Madison Ave. has made us want some really stupid stuff through the years. Americans have been worked up into teeth-gnashing, hair-rending Black Friday frenzies over pause-worthy dolls that wet themselves, small circular pieces of cardboard, and a product that's major appeal is that is gets smaller when you put it in an oven.

Join your Complex Pop Culture team as we shuffle through our collective attics and basements and pay our respects to those toys that we tried to sell at yard sale years ago, but we couldn't even pay someone to take. These are the 25 Worst Must-Have Christmas Toys Ever.

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Written by Brenden Gallagher (@muddycreekU)