When it debuted: 2012
Segment lowlight: Kathy babysits.

Nobody finds Kathy Griffin quite as funny as Kathy Griffin does. The majority of her Bravo late-night show is a current events panel featuring female comedy mainstays like Chelsea Peretti, Whitney Cummings, and Chelsea Handler, which can be funny—despite Griffin's presence.

Unfortunately, they couldn't quite get enough mileage out of the pop culture round-table. The last (untitled) bit of her show involves Kathy doing relatively mundane things like working at a donut shop, going around town with her mother, or babysitting. Even if you are the sort of person who likes Griffin (and we suspect that Complex and Griffin don't share a target demo), you'll wish that after a half-hour Bravo would just go back to Real Housewives of Atlanta re-runs.