Director: Edward Bernds
Stars: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eric Fleming, Dave Wilcock, Laurie Mitchell, Lisa Davis, Paul Birch

Sorry, Twilight Zone fans, but we've got some bad news: The great Charles Beaumont, who wrote some of Zone's best episodes (including "The Howling Man," "Person or Persons Unknown," and "Number 12 Looks Just Like You"), didn't pass away in 1967 with a flawless professional history. In 1958, one year before his first Twilight Zone assignment, Beaumont penned the perfunctory Queen of Outer Space, about astronauts who befriend a bunch of horny alien women living on a Venus that's ruled by a bitchy dictator and devoid of any male inhabitants.

What sounds like a great time for any dude is, unfortunately, an incredibly lazy piece of schlocky science fiction that steals ideas and visual cues from older, and far superior, movies like Forbidden Planet (1955). Even funnier, for the film's opening sequence, director Edward Bends used pre-existing rocket launch footage instead of trying to use some movie magic to build a vessel.

Throughout this cinematic time-waster, the men constantly refer to the sexy E.T.'s as "dames," which, in addition to showing just how dated Queen of Outer Space is, doesn't help curb any anger from female viewers shouting, "This movie's sexist!" Frankly, though, who'd actually expend such energy on crap like this?