Director: Michael Rae
Stars: Kim Milford, Cheryl Smih, Gianni Russo, Roddy McDowell, Keenan Wynn

The filmmakers responsible for Laserblast probably intended to comment on the issue of bullying and the effects on those who get bullied through a science fiction conceit. The movie's protagonist, Billy (Kim Milford), uses a laser gun he finds in a desert (left by a couple of hideous-looking, stop-motion-animated aliens) to get payback against the jerks who've pushed him around at school, eventually turning into a poor man's Incredible Hulk as a result.

It's an admirable attempt, yet any hopes of inspiring changes in teenage tormentors are dashed about 15 minutes into the incoherent and poorly fleshed-out Laserblast. The reasons for why Billy goes all batshit are only surface-level, which actually works in the movie's favor, since the script is a jumbled mess. Best of all, the gun Billy uses looks like a child's water pistol.

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