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It's hard to deny that a gorgeous woman looks damn good when she's wearing nothing but her birthday suit. But we also can't argue with the fact that there is something subtly sexy about a hottie wearing an in-your-face dress from a century during which men seduced women with Shakespeare quotes instead of pickup lines. And by "something" we mean the flesh poppin' out of the top of that corset. 

Inspired by Laura Linney's role in Hyde Park on the Hudson, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt's (Bill Murray) beautiful distant cousin, with whom he has an affair (What was with that dude and cousins?), Complex decided to put together a list of the 25 Hottest Women in Costume Dramas, actresses who looked hot while leaving a lot to the imagination. Not to worry: With Hollywood's reinterpretation of the bygone days, every acceptable inch of skin is displayed, highlighted, and glamorized in. Turns out the 18th and 19th centuries were a lot more fun than we imagined.

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Compiled by Valeriya Safronova (@vsaffron)