Director: Michael J. Bassett
Stars: Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Deborah Kara Unger, Martin Donovan, Malcolm McDowell, Carrie-Anne Moss, Sean Bean

Silent Hill—the 2006 video game adaptation directed by the visually gifted Christophe Gans—holds up as a memorable mood piece, where atmospheric creepiness, strikingly freaky imagery, and a wild, batshit finale make up for a muddled storyline and general lack of narrative sense. If you're looking for something that's cinematically comparable to the illustrations in author Alvin Schwartz's old Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books, Gans' Silent Hill is your best bet.

Sadly, not one ounce of the first Silent Hill's dread-filled intrigue made its way into Michael J. Bassett's contemptible sequel, Silent Hill: Revelation. Released in sloppily executed 3D, it's a horror follow-up in the grand tradition of, "Let's accelerate everything from the first one." So, here, the incoherence is staggeringly high and the monsters get even more screen time.

And its arguably the year's most frustrating moviegoing experience, if not for the simple fact that Bassett couldn't do a single interesting thing with nightmarish antagonists like returning champ Pyramid Head.