Stars: Jordana Spiro, William Forsythe, Jaime Lee Kirchner, James Carpinello, Jesse Lee Soffer, Zach Gilford

We had high hopes for The Mob Doctor. With the oversaturation of medical dramas on television, it seemed promising that the Fox series mixed things up a bit by adding touches of The Sopranos into a familiar emergency room premise. The likable Jordana Spiro plays Grace Devlin, a successful surgeon who uses her hospital paychecks to help her brother clear a large gambling debt with angry Mafia members. Doesn't sound half bad, right?

Instead of focusing on that streamlined plot, The Mob Doctor became a patient-of-the-week lark, finding Grace helping out a different gangster in each episode. One week, she has to tend to a convict who wants to give his young daughter his heart; the next, her mob boss mentor (William Forsythe) wants her to oversee a pregnancy so he can give the baby to some Canadian couple.

It's a good thing The Mob Doctor is a wrap: Eventually, Grace would've been stuck resuscitating a fat Gambino who choked on his spaghetti.