Stars: Mirielle Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Billy Campbell, Brent Sexton, Michelle Forbes, Eric Ladin, Kristen Lehman, Jamie Anne Allman

Yes, The Killing’s creator, Veena Sud, and her colleagues provided the answer to the question (“Who killed Rosie Larsen?”) that went unattended to during last year’s much reviled season finale. The problem is, though, that, even if the murderer turned out to be that SyFy channel staple Megashark (Who doesn’t love that monster?), intelligent viewers would’ve still lambasted The Killing for its ham-fisted, ultimately unsatisfying second season, especially since the show’s latest 13-episode run was at times excellent.

Every one of those “excellent” times, of course, should be credited to stars Mirielle Enos and Joel Kinnaman, who, as detectives Linden and Holder, respectively, both gave Emmy-nomination-worthy performances. Which is why a series cancellation would be the best thing to happen to them—Enos and Kinnaman deserve so much better.

They’re deserving of a project that doesn’t insert random, unjustified character motivations (see: Aunt Terry’s involvement in the crime) and incriminating evidence (that damn key card) at its own convenience. What killed The Killing? Collective laziness in the writers’ room.