Stars: Kelsey Grammar, Connie Nielsen, Hannah Wire, Jeff Hephner, Troy Garity, Kathleen Robertson, Jonathan Groff, Tip "T.I." Harris, Sanaa LathanRotimi

Last month's announcement that Starz cancelled its most critically acclaimed series, Boss, surprised nobody—television is a ratings-driven business, and, despite all of its glowingly positive reviews, the psychological/political drama could never find an audience big enough to justify its existence. Now that it's done, though, expect plenty of DVD/Netflix latecomers to kick themselves for not tuning in while Boss was on the air.

Previously known mostly for comedy, Kelsey Grammer defied expectations, embodied the morally corrupt and dementia-stricken Mayor of Chicago Tom Kane with a dark pathos, and won a Golden Globe for Best Actor after the show's first season. This time around, Grammer became even more devious, maneuvering around Chicago's construction plans (the decision to redevelop Lennox Gardens or bring in a casino and a shopping center) with a self-serving drive that left his wife (Connie Nielsen) and newly introduced chief of staff (Sanaa Lathan) emotionally devastated.