Year: 2001
Rating: 99
Crucial Stat: 20.4 PER
The Difference: Vince Carter is not like Michael Doleac. He was at one point easily among the top 15 players in the game, but he is also one of the serious wasted potential guys in NBA history. With a career PER of 20.4, Carter remains an above-average rotation guy, coming off the bench for the aforementioned Dallas Mavericks, who could still be a starter for some of the league's lottery-bound squads (not a compliment, though). But do you remember Vinsanity? Do you remember when Carter made mincemeat out of all challengers at the 2000 dunk contest? Do you have any idea what the NBA would have looked like if he and Tracy McGrady remained teammates? Vince Carter was very good for a time there, but the makers of the NBA 2K games went a little overboard. In NBA 2K1 He was a 99 offensive rating in the game, ranking one notch below Kobe Bryant, who at that point had only begun his campaign of world domination. VC was unstoppable in the game. I once scored 40 with him against an admittedly crappy Hawks team on nothing but dunks, layups, and and-ones without missing. 2000-01 ended up being his best season as a pro, and it was the Hawks, sure. But c'mon. That season showed us that all you needed to stop VC was a same-day flight as a Game 7 after getting his degree (or just Allen Iverson and the 76ers being better).