Year: 2008
Rating: 85
Crucial Stat: 13.7 PER
The Difference: There is so much to like about Kirk Hinrich, NBA basketball player. He plays hard and is selfless, everything we as a people have come to expect from a coach's son. He bravely quarterbacked some entertaining Bulls teams in the wake of the team losing Jay Williams to a motorcycle accident and not getting Dwyane Wade in the draft. But he was an 85 in 2K8! Admittedly, the PG class that year was weak with only Andre Miller and Mo Williams as guys you would probably rate above Captain Kirk, who was coming off a 17.0 PER season. But with in-game defenders focusing on Ben Gordon, Kirk was free to get open threes and swish them with abandon, a thing that didn't really happen in the actual NBA because Kirk, for all his heart, doesn't shoot all that well, which is why defenses focused so much on Ben Gordon, and then Derrick Rose, then John Wall, then Joe Johnson, and will soon again focus on Derrick Rose when he returns from injury. Hinrich is tough and wants to hit that open three, but we don't all get what we want, do we?