Year: 2008
Rating: 84
Crucial Stat: 16.5 PER
The Difference: Again, another solid guy who managed to win some dunk contests and was given a free pass for life from a video game. An 84 back in 2K8, he is blessedly a 69 in the latest. Richardson benefitted from being fairly good for some bad Warriors teams (and quite well during their playoff run), and OK for some OK teams (and a Suns team that lost the conference finals in 2010. He's a solid rotation guy, and always has been, but since he almost starred on some basement-dwellers, we get this. The guy was a sorcerer on the baseline when everything was reduced to polygons. This guy was Dr. J. in some of these games, but to be rated an 84 after coming off a down season (though one in which you showed up in the playoffs) was too kind.