Writers: Tony Daniel, Frank Tieri, Rob Liefeld
Artists: Joe Bennett, Art Thibert, Philip Tan

For years, Hawkman had the most frustrating and convoluted backstory in all of comics. DC’s New 52 reboot simplified the character’s origins greatly in The Savage Hawkman, but that doesn’t fix the fact that this is still a Hawkman book, and, thus, it’s always going to be kind of lame. With a rotating group of writers like Tony Daniel, Frank Tieri, and Rob Liefeld playing a game of musical chairs on this book all year, Hawkman never stood a chance to establish itself as a worthwhile read.

We’re not sure how much editorial interference there was with the book this year, but the sales numbers certainly weren’t great, which likely led to DC being a bit more hands-on than usual. Whenever multiple writers enter/exit a book in the same year you know something is up, and in this case, there was even a writing shift right in the middle of the "Hawkman: Wanted" story line. This led to scattered characterizations, a plot that never really went anywhere, and an overall voiceless feel to the book.

Neither Liefeld nor Tieri (so far) have found a way to turn this book around following the departure of writer Tony Daniel, who didn’t exactly light it up, either. DC needs to step back, analyze who in its talent pool matches the tone and feel of The Savage Hawkman, and get him/her to write it. Throwing whoever is free that month to script this book simply doesn’t work, and 2012 is a clear indication of that.