It took awhile for hardcore hip-hop heads to come around, but it's official: Electronic dance music (or EDM) is the truth. Just step into any nightclub on any given Friday or Saturday night and feel the energy that erupts from every Swedish House Mafia record or Avicii-made beat.

It's the biggest thing going in music nowadays, with R&B artists like Ne-Yo and Usher morphing into full-on EDM crooners. Records like the former's "Forever Now" and the latter's "Numb" go hard, and we're all about them when there's dancefloor and drunk, hot girls ready to grind.

You know that new Ludacris song, though? The one backed by a David Guetta beat that totally rips off Afrojack's "Can't Stop Me Now" and features an Usher hook? That's right, the single in question is "Rest of My Life," and something tells us it's the start of an all-out rap-meets-EDM phase for pop radio. These are two musical genres that we love individually, but together? There's serious potential for it all to go down like a bowl of ice cream covered with ketchup.