Forget Christmas wish lists—with only three days left before the fateful 12/21/12, it's all about bucket lists. Because, according to those crazy Mayans and their much-ballyhooed calendar, there's a good chance that the world as we all know it will cease to exist Friday. Thus, there are approximately 72 hours available for you to jump out of an airplane, sample fresh caviar, streak down crowded streets with nothing on but a Santa Claus hat, and/or find your biggest celebrity crush and plant a big smooch on their lips.

Should anyone actually believe that the world is a wrap this Friday? Of course not. Keep in mind, it wasn't too long ago that end-of-days wackjob Harold Camping made headlines for being a hilariously failed foreseer. Predictions of mankind's ultimate reckoning are always in vogue, but the fact that the Mayans' theories have been around since the 5th century BC—and global warming has Mother Nature going crazy—gives this whole 12/21/12 hoopla a bit more credence.

Say it all comes true, though—will it really be such a bad thing? Falling into eternal sleep Thursday night would spare everyone from many eventual pop culture happenings that no person should have to witness. With tongues firmly planted in cheeks, Complex is here to offer up 10 Reasons Why We Hope the World Really Will End This Friday.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)