Franchise Death: Lock's Quest

Latest Release: Lock's Quest (2008)

Developer: 5th Cell 

If Lock's Quest isn't immediately recognizable, don't worry, you're not alone. Although there's only been one title in the series thus far, it was remarkably well received by critics but THQ hasn't gotten around to updating it for the Nintendo 3DS era with a new version just yet.

The game is a clever mix of real-time strategy gameplay with roleplaying mechanics that worked particularly well with the handheld touch-screen platform. Seeing a revamped version of this game or a sequel could really give it the opportunity to turn into a lasting cult hit like Advance Wars, but it just didn't take in the market like it ought to have.

With the property completely owned by THQ, a potential resurrection would require 5th Cell buying up the rights which is unlikely considering they've got plenty of their own properties they're actively working on (even though it's clear a lot of love went into this one). Alternatively an investor could see the value of the property, but considering the lacklustre sales of the first game, it's unlikely they'd ever do anything with them, even if the rights were acquired through a wholesale purchase.