Tyra Banks: Shred Your World of Warcraft Discs

Talking Heads: Tyra Banks, Dr. Garry Corgiat, Autumn, Shawn

Air Date: November 7, 2010

Reasons Why It's Dumb: Blaming video games for being a shitty dad and solving it by shredding useless game discs

I hate every gorram person in this segment. From Tyra Banks and her helper-monkey doctor rallying the women in the crowd to condemn video games for the father's failings, to the ridiculous wife (I assert she's ridiculous because she turned to a talk show to solve her problems) unwilling to accept that she got knocked up by a dud of a human and he was no longer interested in her after she got fat, to the incomprehensible defense of the neglectful dad who hides behind video games as a means of justifying his shitty parenting.

Of course, there's some humor to be found amidst this shitshow of human ineptitude; the highlight of it all being when Tyra tells the man to shred his World of Warcraft discs as if that will miraculously solve all his commitment issues. To top it all off, WoW doesn't even need the discs to run and the dude could literally go home and play immediately after the show with absolutely no recourse or solution to his problem.