Fox News: Medal of Honor Supports the Taliban

Talking Heads: Karen Meredith, Clayton Morris

Air Date: August 14, 2010

Reasons Why It's Dumb: Demanding that Medal of Honor be pulled off the shelf for the sake of people who would probably never play the game in the first place.

The "Gold Star Mom" in this segment is absolutely right, war isn't a game. However, her anger - and the ire of the reporter - aimed at Medal of Honor's naming of its "bad guy" faction after the Taliban is woefully misguided. Yeah, this sort of content can be painful for people who have been touched by the tragedy of war, but rather than try and censor the artistic expression of game creators, the efforts would be much better spent raising awareness for the legitimate strife caused by the actual conflict - not a fictional representation of it.

It's not the responsibility of anyone to protect your sensitivities, and no matter how legitimately your feelings are hurt because of someone's creative expression. However, that's exactly what happened after this story went live. EA was forced to modify their game to replace the Taliban references with general terrorist nomenclature, lessening the impact and realism of the experience for the sake of a woman who was never going to play the game in the first place.