Appeared in: The Two Towers, Return of the King

Though the vicious Nazgûl are among the most feared villains in the Tolkien universe, the colossal winged beast that they ride throughout the series is even more terrifying. These fell beasts have the appearance of the typical fantasy film dragon, but their distinct personalities make them more dangerous and calculating than most of the other mindless beasts that populate Middle Earth.

Despite not being able to breathe fire like most dragons in fantasy lore, they are terribly violent and can easily change the course of a battle. The most memorable fell beast belonged to the Witch King, who used it to impose his will during The Return of the King. This fell beast was like a souped-up F-15 that could speed across the sky with reckless abandon, but was also capable of taking out targets on the ground as well. Even though it wound up beheaded by the film’s end, this fell beast made for a classic Tolkien monster.