Microsoft is celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Xbox Live service, which launched in 2002 with Unreal Championship and little else besides the promise of, eventually, robust online console gaming. Needless to say, that promise did indeed pan out, and Xbox Live is easily the most fully-featured and consistent online console service available.

To commemorate ten years of Xbox Live, Microsoft last week began sending out surprisingly thoughtful emails to long-time Live subscribers. It's unclear exactly how long you need to have been subscribed to receive the email, but I've been an Xbox Live member for all ten years, for the record.

The message contains the usual stats about Xbox Live—so many hours played, so much entertainment watched—but sprinkled throughout are personalized stats that apply to you and you alone. It's a nice touch, for sure.

Also included is a code to download the exclusive avatar helmet you see above. If you haven't received an email yet, don't lose hope—and check your Xbox Live messages inbox, as codes are being sent directly to users' gamertags as well.

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