Long bearded old Father Time is time personified. That doesn't seem so bad, but a closer look into his mythology paints a rather sinister picture. For one, he’s based off the Grim Reaper, which is the hooded dude who controls when people die, meaning Father Time is often dressed in a cloak of some sort and carrying a scary-looking scythe that he uses to mercilessly cut minutes off of our timelines. 

Secondly, and most importantly, Father Time literally represents time, which, as you grow older, means he stands for wasted youth and regrets of days past. Perhaps he’s not a mythical creature one should actually be scared of like the rest of the folklore characters on this list, but it runs deeper and more philosophical than that with this guy. Father Time is a constant reminder that our lives are all just ticking away with each second that passes. That thought alone should be enough to make any kid—or overly emotional adult—sob uncontrollably.