Year: 1992
Developer: Midway
Sport: Football
System: Sega Genesis
Lowdown: Did you think Bill Laimbeer was a weird person to be a spokesperson for a bizarro-world version of a sport? Well, you were right, but Jerry Glanville putting his name on a 7th-century-set approximation of football with Vikings? Even weirder. And yes: That's warriors, plural, as in "two." Each player controls an armored warrior. The rest of the players, not so much. Players get to pick up weapons and slaughter the lambs who are also playing this abomination of a sport. Or not bother, and just knock them into the trees littering the field. The game itself? Similar to rugby, in that it never stops, no matter how many corpses you scatter over the field. If you're really taking a beating, your fans can summon a troll as powerful as an armored player. Also, in the castle level, do avoid the trap doors.