Year: 1991
Developer: Konami
Sport: Baseball
System: NES
Lowdown: In the dystopian future, the owners of the baseball league have tired of skyrocketing player salaries and the natural deterioration of bodies all humans experience, and have replaced all the players with (presumably) non-union-represented robots. Four types of robots repeatedly destroy their AI-stricken brethren: An android-type, a tank, one that flies, and one that's also a motorcycle. In normal baseball, if there's a close play at a base, the umpire makes a decision and then receives a face-full of spittle from an ornery manager from the wronged team. Perils of the job, but easy enough. Base Wars decides these things with sweet, sweet robot fights. After a few fights, the robot (who may have used one of its lasers in one of its fights) will find itself without hit points and explode. Bad, robot.