Mobile carriers currently do not offer HD audio quality for calls but the Libon app for iOS upgrades the audio quality on your iPhone over a 3G or Wi-fi connection.

Libon does more than advance the audio output of calls on your iPhone, it offers personalized voicemail and voice-to-text transcription of messages. Additionally, multiple voicemail greetings can be set up for different contacts.

Contacts in Libon are sorted into groups. Based on your privacy settings a group can see your current location and even read recent Twitter and Facebook status updates. On top of phone calls, Libon contacts, which call each other for free, can also communicate via the built-in instant messaging app.


Check out Libon in the promo video above. The app is available now for from the Apple App Store. Users can enjoy all the aforementioned features for free, but with the premium version for $2.99, customers can take advantage of one free hour of international calls to landlines or cell phones in 31 countries. 

[via Slash Gear]