The Walking Dead: Assault is a new iOS game that is looking to embrace the graphic novel aesthetic of the series. 

While we all love the AMC series, they have taken some welcome liberties with the plot and the characters. Assault is looking to remain more loyal to the original plot. The game starts off the same way as the series, with Rick waking up in the hospital and him having to survive the zombie apocalypse. The game, developed by Gamagio Ltd., in collaboration with Skybound and Skybound Asia, hopes to really emulate the style of the black and white series by creating a game with a very noticeable 3D style similar to the original graphic novels.

Assault will allow players to assemble a four person team from the massive roster of characters found in the series. Each character will have a different set of abilities and skill sets to use to accomplish mission objectives. Maybe your dream team is Rick, Carl, Tyrone, and Glen, this selection will play completely different from a Lori, Shane, Andrea, and Carol set-up. 

The game will be available for purchase on the iTunes App Store at midnight tonight, November 30, and will be $1.99 for the launch, but that will increase to USD $2.99 after the opening day. Let us know what you think on Twitter about all of this.

[via IGN]